Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm Worried About Heroes, and I'm No Longer Worried About Jericho (SPOILERS)

I loved The X-Files. Loved it. But the only thing they used to do that was kinda squirrely was what I called the "MO Switcheroo."

See, the killer/psycho/ghoul would go up to his victims and slash 'em up wick/wack/wook. Lightning fast. Or we'd see him strangle them or suck them dry or whatever. Jack, you dead. One victim after another.

Until he snuck up on Scully. Then he'd suddenly change his MO. He'd kidnap her and drag her back to his lair to prepare to kill her... giving Mulder plenty of time to rescue her. Seemed like cheating.

I'm afraid Heroes is pulling an MO Switcheroo.

This Sylar guy has killed again and again, Benihana-style. Shwink! Bye-bye. Now he's stapling people to the ceiling (huh?) and (most uncharacteristically) drawing his head-slicey verrrrrrry slowwwwwwwly. Why, exactly? To give Peter/Scully time to escape.

And what are the rules with Niksica? Seriously. Now she's a prisoner, now she's not a prisoner, one is out, the other is out, they're both boring. And isn't the husband an escaped convict? Why is he a house husband without a care in the world?

And who was the shapeshifter girl? Did we see her before? If not, don't we have, like, three or four characters who look just like her? Can I get a copy of The List, so I can keep track of all these people?

(And how does she shapeshift not just herself, but the room behind her? That is some kinda shapeshifter.)

Meanwhile, I'm officially out of Jericho. The only thing we've learned from the "exciting new season" is that the bombs were apparently an experimental new technology that only kills interesting people.

As for Lost, I'm swimming against the tide, but I love this show more and more every week. Except... for the first time ever, I saw something in last night's superb episode I found hard to believe. I mean, I believed in the smoke monster, ferchrissake... but I don't believe Locke is as dumb as he acted last night.


nessahead said...

Re: Locke - SERIOUSLY!

holly said...

LOVED The X-Files and I was cracking up at your comments about the changing MO that would allow Mulder to save Scully. It's so true :) Here's my thought about the Sylar/Mohinder thing, though. I was thinking that Mohinder doesn't have any special powers that Sylar needs so there's no reason for him to dig right in, so to speak. I suppose it might be argued that Mohinder does have special powers, though...