Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Number One Mistake Idol Contestants Make

Right now Antonella is singing, and man oh man... I can't stick up for her any more. She should be proud of making it this far, but this should be the end.

But I can use her as a perfect illustration of what contestants on this show repeatedly do wrong. It is the mistake that has undone more contestants than any other, and I'm shocked that people still make it.

Contestants come out and sing a wobbly first verse in a key that is too low for them with notes they can't sustain, because the second verse is when they get a chance to kick it up into the registers they're really good in. You can see them thinking, "Don't worry when I'm down here, because I'll be really good up there."

See, what makes great singers great is they're great down here and up there. Mostly because their songs are written no lower nor higher than flatters them. Hell, Nelly has never sung a song with more than two notes. (I'm right you know. I'm right. Man I'm right you know. ) Take a page from them.

If you sound good high, don't pick a song that starts low. Even if it's super-dramatic when Whitney or Christina did it. 'Cause you ain't them.

Ah, who'm I kidding? The Idol kids aren't reading this blog. The guys are probably ironing their hair and having their eyebrows waxed. I don't know what the girls are doing, but I hope it involves pillow fights.

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