Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Visit From Shaikh Mohammed

'Twas a month of bad headlines
For Bush and his crew
They were all bound for prison
As far as they knew!

Alberto and Scooter
And Harriet Meiers
And Cheney had shown
The whole bunch to be liars

Conservatives nestled
All snug in their beds
And told their gay hookers
Their fears and their dreads

They squealed as the straps
Slapped against their behinds
"If only some fear
Would distract all their minds!"

"We need us some terror"
They gagged through the ball
"But there isn't a threat!
No, no threat at all!"

And then with a gurgling
They heard from his cell
The sound of a pris'ner
Not breathing so well

A horrible man
Whom they'd long since forgotten
His back thick with fur
His soul dead and rotten

"Hey, that's what we'll do!"
They cried out at last
"If there's no terror now
There was some in the past!"

So into the headlines
Some old news did ride
And outrage and scandals
That day did subside

And Cheney and Bush?
Their news cycle was saved!
And our Founding Fathers
Spun 'round in their graves.

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Boski93 said...

Wait this just in Shaikh Mohammed just admitted he abducted the Lindberg baby and planned the Bombing of Pearl Harbor