Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Amazing Race Must End the Right Way

American Idol's deflating. Survivor was so boring I stopped watching. If Dustin and Kandice don't win The Amazing Race, April truly will be the cruelest month.

They have to win, right? I mean, God recognizes can-do spirit and deathless optimism when He sees it, right? They always have so much fun. They never argue. I love them!

He couldn't let Eric and Danielle win. They're so completely repugnant, I'm certain that if they won a million dollars they'd use it to buy gold homeless-person-kicking machines.

Oswald and Danny? Aren't they the couple from Seinfeld that used to beat up Kramer?

And then there's Charla and Mirna. Ohhhh... the stomach churns at the thought. Back in the day, I wanted so badly to root for them. Now I want nothing more than to pick up Charla and use her to beat Mirna to death.

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