Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Huh?? Why Didn't I Vote For Her??

She's out, and we're still stuck with friggin' Sanjaya and Lakisha?? Alaina, next time you're competing in a national popularity contest, don't hide your light(s) under a bushel, ferchrissake!

Alaina Alexander - American Idol - Photo Scandal Just Like Antonella Barba


Ellen said...

I've been watching AI, but don't remember her at all. I missed a few of the shows in the beginning, though. How long ago was she voted off?

gina said...

I think she's dating Chris Richardson now. She was seated among his "Family" a couple of weeks ago.

Ellen, I think she might have gone around the Top 20 or so.

Michael Markowitz said...

oh my god, both of you... I have seen every episode of AI and I have NO MEMORY of her whatsoever.

Yet I see Melinda Doolittle whenever I close my eyes. Is that justice?

(speaking of Mrs. Potato Head, did someone eat a Calder and then vomit it up on her dress last night?)

gina said...

I have seen every episode of AI and I have NO MEMORY of her whatsoever.

LOL, Mike - that's why she's gone!

Methinks Mrs. Potato Head's (LOL, you're bad) lack of a neck makes her stylist's job a tough one.

Ellen said...

Okay, the show is getting really ridic now. Sanjaya is the Nikki McKibbin of this season.
It's funny. I haven't watched AI for several seasons and wonder why this season grabbed me.
I think when Chris Sligh said he wanted to make the Hoff cry, that sort of hooked me in again.
Unfortunately, that the was last spontaneous, non-scripted moment the show had.
It does seem to me though, that this bunch (aside from Lakisha and Melinda) are quite underwhelming.
That said, I'm still watching!

Michael Markowitz said...

This is the first season Ive hated the show, and yet I do watch. The spoilers are ruining it. The people behind these campaigns like to portray themselves as hacker/commandos, unleashing a virus to combat corporate evil. They more closely resemble lonely virus-makers who just want to prove they're smarter than the rest of us.

And are they? What are they actually proving? At least hackers expose security vulnerabilities that need addressing. That one can organize a voting block that can skew a phone-in poll? Not exactly a new idea.

Spoiling the AI vote is no different from getting an army of people to take fire hoses and shoot water over the wall into a baseball stadium. Hate baseball? Let's rain out all the games! Would that be funny or cool? I don't think so.

They've made their point. After this season they should proudly proclaim victory and sto, giving the show back to the fans. I can live without it, but for a lot of families this is the one show they all watch together. Let's not spoil that.

And I'll stop calling her Mrs. Potato Head when she stops looking like Mrs. Potato Head. (Her head is even more distractingly large than House's Dr. Cutty) And you're dead on about her necklessness. It's very distracting.

If you think MPH is a mean nickname, you won't like my Phil nickname. hee hee...

Ellen said...

I wonder what your Phil nickname is. When I watched this week's episode, Batboy came to mind. Am I mean?

Do you think those spoilers are really having an impact? If they are, then I think AI should try to get a system where it's one vote per phone call.

I'd think the producers keep Sanjaya in because people keep tuning in to see how awful he is and how he doesn't get voted off.

My daughter loves Melinda, but she thinks her "golly gee, really?" attitude every time she gets a compliment, is wearing thin.

What's really interesting about AI for me is, even though I've watched a couple of seasons all the way through, I'd never buy any of the albums of any of the winners.

BTW, did you think Michael Buble's performance was kinda bland-tastic?

Michael Markowitz said...

LOL... I like Batboy. I was going to do an AI post right away, but I never got to. I call Phil "Harry Chemo, Jr."

As for Melinda, that was to be the thrust of the post. (along with how depressing Phil was.) I don't buy that act for a minute. Plus the reason she has no neck is from shrugging bashfully all the time. Didn't her mother ever tell her it would stick that way?

It is one vote per call... Do you mean one vote per number? The fatal flaw of AI is that Verizon customers are predominantly from the South. That's why a Southerner always wins, and why it's always the second or third place winners who sell a lot of albums. The winner is chosen for the wrong reasons.

I don't think the spoilers are affecting it any more. When you have 24 contestants, a fringe group can make a difference. But when you get down to nine and up to 33 million votes, they have less impact. Unfortunately we're stuck with this lackluster group. I'm pulling for Haley, because she's the only one I can stand.

And I can't believe Paula compared Phil to Frank Sinatra!! He's not Frank Sinatra at all... If anything he's that wispy little Frank Sinatra rooster that all Foghorn Leghorn's hens were swooning over.

Ellen said...

Yup, I meant one vote per phone number.

Oh and while we're picking the show apart, didn't you think it was inappropriate for Simon to comment on Haley's legs?

That was kinda creepy.

Michael Markowitz said...

Welllll... let's sever that motion: creepy/inappropriate. I can't tell you whether it was creepy, that's in the eye of the beholder. If you were creeped out by it, no one dast disagree.

But I would argue that it wasn't inappropriate. I'm fairly certain that when she chose that dress, she didn't think, "Gee, I hope no one notices my legs and breasts!" I believe the outfit was chosen to provoke exactly the response it got.

If she was thrown by the remark, it wasn't because she was offended. I think it was just because Simon was very deliberately damning her with faint praise, and that stung.

In fact, if he had instead burst out with a grinning and sincere, "Wow, you have great legs!" I'll bet she would have been pleased. (And, ironically, THAT would have been mildly creepy to me. But that's me.)

And, by the way, Paula always tells sexy guys how sexy they are. She even feigns swooning and fans herself to "cool down." Seems like we're in goose/gander territory. :-)

Ellen said...

As always, your articulate well-thought out comments are spot on.

Did they announce next week's theme?

I hope it's Antonio Carlos-Jobim. Just imagine Sanjaya mangling "Mas Que Nada". Oy vey!

Happy Passover!

Michael Markowitz said...

Thank you, ma'am. No one has studied the sociological implications of low-cut dresses with more zeal than I.

Sanjaya singing "Mas Que Nada" is truly a hilarious and terrifying thought. But so is that other idiot, what's his name, beat-boxing his way through "Waters of March."

Of course, while everyone else sings Jobim, Lakisha and Melinda will be allowed to sing Patti Labelle

And Happy Passover and Easter to you!