Friday, April 27, 2007

If I Ran 60 Minutes...

George Tenet will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday to discuss his new book in which he reveals that Dick Cheney and other administration officials -- oh, how should I put this? --lied us into war? Like a lot of us have been saying all along?

So if I were preparing the questions for the interviewer to ask Tenet, here's what I would put on the card:

1. You reportedly received millions for this book. Why didn't you tell your story earlier?

2. No, really, why didn't you tell your story years ago?

3. Why didn't you tell us all this a long time ago?

4. When you got that Presidential Medal of Freedom? And the cameras and reporters were there? Wouldn't that have been a good time to tell us?

5. Hey, I know! The 9/11 Commission! You had a microphone and everything. Could you have told us then?

6. What's the best way to hypnotize President Bush: Stare directly into his eyes for five seconds, draw a straight line of chalk, or hold his nose and blow in his ear?

7. Can you list five things you did in the last year that you felt were more important than telling the American people they were lied into a war?

8. Okay, three things?

9. One thing?

10. Does the Medal now burn when you touch it? Or is it more of an electric shock?

11. Did anyone in your family beg you to speak up about America being lied into a war? And when you said you weren't going to, how quickly did they walk out and never come back?

12. When you're around Dick Cheney, is there a sulfur smell, or is it like burning flesh? Or is it even more disturbing, like the absence of a smell?

13. Do you prefer "traitor" or "collaborator"?

14. Knowing what you've done, and what your silence has cost in American blood and treasure, will you become addicted to drugs, or go straight to killing yourself?

15. Seriously, why didn't you say something before?


norm said...

Good point.
I feared Republicans would try to use the similar reasoning to discredit Tenet...but, this may be too much for them to try to spin.
(I hope)

Michael Markowitz said...

Norm, norm, there's no spin too brazen for them to TRY. Yesterday the spin was that the war was based on more than the "slam dunk" comment. Unfortunately there's that pesky videotape again, and it's got Dick Cheney last year on Meet the Press saying it all came down to the "slam dunk" comment.

What's bizarre is that Tenet's explanation of the "slam dunk" thing makes him look like one of the BAD guys!

Of course, Dick Durbin's speech yesterday means the Yellowbelly Club will need a bigger clubhouse.