Thursday, April 12, 2007

If You've Ever Seen "The Big Picture" You'll Be Reminded of Martin Short

"Greg, [Imus] touched a nerve in this country that I have not seen since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and I'm not trying to be over-exaggerating."

--Rev. DeForest Soaries, to David "Greg" Gregory, on Hardball


gina said...

The fallout has taken out the Governor of New Jersey now. Who's next?!

What he said was indeed inappropriate but Jesus, this thing has become a monster with a mind of its own.

Michael Markowitz said...

Seriously! I was as outraged as everyone else at what Imus said, but then I turned on that press conference the other day -- and its coverage -- and I thought I was watching a TV production of "The Sweet Hereafter."

Everyone solemnly asking how the girls could stand strong after this... how they could go on after Imus ruined their week of triumph... impressed they could be so composed ... asking if any good could come from this ... how can we explain this to children watching... why would God let this happen...

Jesus, people, let's get some persepective. These are good girls, talented girls, who should have never been insulted like this. But I sincerely pray that this is the very worst thing that ever happens to them.

Is Imus a racist? Yes. (And by the way, from listening to the tape, I say the other asshole is worse!) Did he get what he deserves? If his employers and advertisers say so. Is this a chance to have a dialogue about race? Sure. But don't pin it on these players because you want to give the issue "heart" and "oomph." Racism doesn't need that.

I got sick of Imus a little over thirty years ago, and haven't listened since, so I had no idea what he said until the other day. Since none of these girls listens to Imus they never would have known if no one told them. So why did someone tell them? Because they needed to know? Why?

America has a lot of creeps. I can GUARANTEE that during the game on the various websites and discussion boards those players were called names MUCH worse than what Imus called them. MUCH worse. Should we print those out and force the girls to read them?

Let's do a Google search now and see what those dicks are saying about them THIS week, and then make them read those! They'd be suicidal! Wouldn't that be great?

And instead of having them hold press conferences and Oprah appearances and MEDIATED MEETINGS (is a mediator really necessary? Really?), they should have been told in the first place something along the lines of "Oh, forget about that old raisin." Or "what do we care?" Or "Sticks and stones" Or ANYTHING.... anything except "You should be really upset right now."

Imus is a racist, but he didn't "ruin their triumph." Whoever forced them to wallow in this sewer ruined their triumph. And shame on them.

Sorry to go on, Gina, you hit a nerve. :-)

gina said...

Please, go on. I agree with you, 100%.

I will only add that, as is typical in our media-saturated world, the story has now become the story.

Michael Markowitz said...

Yes, and now every American knows a phrase I personally had never heard until the news media drilled it into my head. Just as the coverage of the Janet Jackson story made every child in America as familiar with that saggy flapjack as they are with their own phone number.

Also, whenever the media treats something like this as a tragedy and an outrage, it cheapens actual tragedy and outrage.

Somewhere in America right now a teenaged girl's body is being stuffed in a drainpipe by her abductor, or a boy is dying of the flu because he has no health insurance. Somewhere a soldier is being shot by the very Iraqis she was training. I don't think their parents would consider name-calling an "outrage."