Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jesse Jackson is Pulling a Bill O'Reilly

Regardless of how one feels about this Imus business, ya gotta cry foul when Jesse Jackson starts using Fox News tactics.

Last night, on Hardball, Jackson complained that MSNBC has no shows hosted by African-Americans. Obviously, this is untrue: Alison Stewart hosts The Most, and is the usual substitute-host for Keith Olbermann on Countdown.

So David Gregory politely corrected Jackson. And Jackson ignored him and made the claim again. So Gregory, assuming he hadn't heard him, gently pointed out that Alison Stewart is an anchor at MSNBC. Jackson said, "Yes, but she doesn't have a show." Huh? How does one get to be an anchor without having a show?

Besides, The Most is one of only five shows on MSNBC. Twenty percent of MSNBC's shows are African-American-hosted. Hard not to notice.

Yet Jesse kept on making that claim again and again. And then this morning on Today, he said it again! Surely he knows by now it's not true. Why does he keep saying it? Because he learned from Fox News that something doesn't have to be true as long as it sounds good?

Come on, Rev. Jackson. You're better than that.

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Anonymous said...

Jessee Jackson is "better than that"? Nope. He's going to do what he always done in a racial controversy. Swoop in and complain until someone makes a contribution to (aka pays off) his Rainbow Push Coalition. When that check is stroked you'll start hearing about forgiveness.