Friday, April 27, 2007

Joe Biden on Meet the Press Sunday

The "Meet the Candidates" series on Meet the Press -- not to be confused with Colbert's "Better Know a District" -- continues this Sunday with a sit-down with Joe Biden.

Anyone who's seen his many appearances on Meet the Press or Hardball or Real Time or The Daily Show knows he is a formidable man, and should be a serious contender for President. And his performance in the debate yesterday only enhanced that perception, IMHO.

I encourage you to check him out, and the other candidates as well. Don't eat what you're force-fed by the media. They want you to believe there are only three candidates on each side because it's a neater story to tell. They want you to believe it's a game show, where the candidates with the most money slide to the convention.

The "major" candidates may indeed be the best candidates (except Clinton and Giuliani, of course...they just suck). But consider all the candidates, even if they haven't raised enough money for the media to consider them "worthy."

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