Friday, April 06, 2007

This is Fake

To me, this video was always an obvious fake, for three reasons:

1. Why would the camera go to the phone guy before the lecturer did?

2. Why wouldn't the lecturer smash the equally distracting video camera?

3. He's not actually saying anything. He's circumlocuting in that clumsy way people do when they don't know the first thing about improv.

Anyway, I thought this hoax had long-since been put to bed. But in the last month I've seen it three times on TV, and someone just sent it to me tonight.

Anyway, once and for all, this is a fake... and a flop to boot. Adrants has the real story on this failed attempt at manufactured spontaneity, as well as quotes from the faux phone-smasher. He's an advertising creative director who made a himself a laughing stock pretty much for no reason.

And on a hilarious and pathetic side note, Bill O'Reilly showed this video a couple of weeks ago to illustrate a point only Billo could have thought of: that cell phone cameras should not be allowed in class. (!)

Forget that it's clearly -- pun intended -- not a cell phone video.

But think about it: not only did he think this video was real, but he didn't blame the asshole talking on the phone. He didn't blame the apparently-psychotic prof.

O'Reilly blamed the guy with the camera.


If only, on that awful day in Dallas in 1963 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, police had gotten there in time to arrest Abraham Zapruder.

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gina said...

And he's supposed to be the journalist.