Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

Help me understand what "well regulated Militia" Cho Seung-hui belonged to.

What was his rank? What was his serial number? Where was he trained?

He wasn't in any Militia, regulated or otherwise. He was a psycho predator nut job who sure picked the right country to snap in.

The Founding Fathers were pretty smart. They didn't write the Bill of Rights using Refrigerator Poetry or Mad Libs. They chose their words carefully. They tried to make their meaning clear.

There must be a reason why "A well regulated Militia" are the very first words in that sentence. There must be a reason why "Militia" is one of only three words that begin with a capital letter. There must be some attempt to communicate gravity, importance, solemnity. To make that word matter.

They could not possibly have envisioned that we would totally blow past that phrase and sell guns to anyone and everyone. They couldn't have envisioned guns would someday shoot dozens of bullets at a time, or that pawn shops and tents and gun shows and sporting goods stores would cater to every yokel with a hankering to kill something. They couldn't have envisioned the idea of buying modification kits online. To make your gun more deadly. For what legal purpose?

"Now's not the time." That's what Bush said about any discussion of gun control. Wow. When is it time? How long do we have to wait? How many tragedies do we have to endure? Based on the last four years, I know the lives of our young people mean nothing to him, but they mean quite a bit to us. When do we start standing up for them?

Bush keeps beating the drum, trying to make us afraid that the terrorists are coming. I gotta tell ya, I've lived long enough to have heard that swine flu, bird flu, and killer bees were coming. I'm not afraid of what's coming. I'm afraid of what's here:

People with guns.

Sometime when you're at Starbucks, look around. Ask yourself, if you went to the rest room, how many of these people would you trust to watch your laptop or hold your wallet?

Not many, I'm guessing. You don't know what kind of people they are. They could be crazy or crooked or God-knows-what.

Now ask yourself how many own guns.

Then proceed to shit bricks.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I honestly don't care who disagrees. It's an article of faith I hold dear, just as dearly as some hold belief in God or Allah:

There is no reason why any law-abiding civilian needs to own a handgun. None.

As always, the best take on this came from Homer Simpson. When he went to buy a handgun, and was told there was a waiting period, he said, "But I'm angry now!"

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norm said...

I don't understand the appeal of guns for conservatives.
I flipped on a conservative radio show today and wasn't the least bit surprised to find the host, guests and callers, all frantically defending the Right to bear Arms.
This was very very very important to them.
Seriously, with all the pros on one hand and the cons on the other, how are guns worth the trouble?

Ok...let's say I'm a responsible gun owner and I hate the fact that some criminal or nut job or negligent parent or hot headed lover or drunk kid spoils things for the rest of us.
Besides, cars kill more people than guns.
Why not outlaw cars?

I guess, to be fair, it's like when republicans want to outlaw naked women.
I get irritated.
I realize, how lucky I was that I wasn't killed by the playboy I found in my father's closet.

And if we take away their guns...what would Republicans have to masturbate over?