Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Make the Call: What Makes This Ad So Disastrously, Horribly Awful?

Is it the:

A) terrible concept of vomiting up bad music?

B) dreadful acting? How is it possible to screw up simply opening your mouth? I don't know, but this actress does it!


C) awful execution, since about halfway through they completely abandon the idea of the music stopping when their mouths are closed... rightly assuming we stopped caring?

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Sean Tisdall said...

I'm gonna go with C. Otherwise it'd be a mildly interesting ad... but the fact that it was a half-assed wierd concept throws it for me. Also, I just now figured out that Blogger changed my login, all this time fulminating that my favorite blogs had me blacklisted for some odd reason. Possibly some sex offence.