Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol Notes

Note to Barry Gibb:
Don't you know you can't buy teeth on eBay? If you're taking requests, here's one: Please say, "The game is afoot, Trebek!"

Note to Lakisha:
Way to take Barry's advice and completely ignore it. Oh, well, when it comes to sucking, you know best. The good news is soon you'll be able to spend more time with your kid.

Note to Blake:
Are you from Ork? Can you please go back there? (Actually, you might be the one spending more time with Lakisha's kid this week.)

Note to Jordin:
Hi, this is Mikul. The way you sang, and wore your hair for the first song, and controlled your eyebrows? Please always do all of that. The way you did everything on the second song? Please never do any of that.

Note to Melinda:
Notso hotso first song, good second song. Fiona and Donkey were proud.


Ellen said...

Oh man! Were those Chiclets?
My daughter and I were IM-ing during the show. She lives in a different city.
So I'm watching and my IM window pops up with "Chomp chomp!".
Good thing I wasn't drinking at the time.

Ellen said...

Did you see the results show?
I have another comment, but will hold it until I know.

On a side note, all of the product placement and marketing on that episode was so annoying.

Michael Markowitz said...

Now I can't think of anything else but sucking minty goodness out of Barry Gibb's mouth.

As for product placement and marketing, I draw a big distinction between them. Product placement, whether unpaid (Junior Mints and Kenny Rogers on SEINFELD) or paid (Coca-Cola on IDOL) doesn't bother me. They have to drink from cups. I drink from a cup with "Coke" on it sometimes. So it's normal for them to.

But the marketing -- or integrated advertising -- bothers me, because it's SUPPOSED to be INSTEAD of regular advertising, not in addition to. I don't mind if it's unobtrusive (or even a little obtrusive -- there was an ALIAS a couple of years ago where Sydney yelled, "Vaughn! Quick! Into the F-150!"), but to have those weekly Ford and AT&T commercials, AND the News Corp promos in the show AND to have all those commercial breaks is beyond the pale.

And why weren't you drinking????

Ellen said...

Yup, that's what I was referring to. Those lame Ford videos, etc. Watching those guys and gals "act" is rather frightening, too.

I cannot believe Beat-box Boy is still in. I guess Lakisha deserved to go, though. She had an obvious attitude problem and ignoring every mentor, esp Tony B, was not smart. But I c-c-c-c-an't s-s-s-s-tand Blake.

I think I will be drinking for next week's show. Don't know what proof yet, though!

Michael Markowitz said...

Lakisha clearly felt that she deserved to win right from the start. She believed the hype... Always a mistake.

Once things started to break bad, she tore a page from Fantasia's book and dropped the "someone knocked me up" bomb as much as possible. Too bad, because up to then she'd shown admirable restraint.

Aside from completely lacking any charisma, the more that Lorax "wanted it" the "harder" she sang. It's the singing equivalent of "flopsweat" and it wasn't pretty week after week.

Blake seems to have forgotten that it's 2007. Beatboxing is not exactly the freshest fruit on the tree. He does it really well, so it's a good trick to keep up your sleeve for a special occasion... If Bon Jovi night had been the first time he'd done it, can you imagine how amazing and delightful that would have been? But pulling it out again and again is like, well, Rich Little still doing Nixon.

Plus, don't you get the sense that Blake is a giant dick? There's something so smarmy and oozy about him. Bleccchhh.

BTW, an American Idol first: I watched this last results show in Fast Forward, stopping only for Simon and the results.