Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As With All Things Republican I'm Completely Confused

In both debates the Republican candidates fell over each other to give the corpse of Ronald Reagan a loving tongue bath.

"Ronald Reagan was our greatest President... We all must live up to the ideals he pioneered... He gave his life at Gettysburg so that we might be free... President Reagan could shrug his shoulders and the Colorado River would change course...One glancing brush of Ronald Reagan's lips and freedom would spread through nations and the afflicted would be healed."

For years now, all we've heard is how amazing and beloved Ronald Reagan was (job approval low of 35%) and how awful and despised Bill Clinton was (job approval never lower than 55%).

Okay, I figured. They're Republicans. They're psychos. Go know.

But now, all this week, they're ranting and raving about how the Immigration Bill is nothing but thinly-disguised amnesty. They spit the word. Amnesty would be the disgrace and destruction of our nation. Michael Reagan has been all over TV saying that amnesty would be a blot on this nation's history forever.


Our last amnesty was in 1986. Under Reagan. It was apparently his decision, in fact, to call it amnesty.

My head hurts.

P.S. Remember always that Nancy Reagan was pregnant when she and Ronald Reagan got married. And that Laura Bush killed a guy.

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