Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can Two Weeks Be a Golden Age?

The Office and Lost have, IMHO, been great lately, but shows like those and Heroes and Idol get all the glory. There's another level of TV shows, the next tier down. Great shows that are like UPS: they aren't flashy, but they deliver.

Several of these shows have, in the last two weeks, offered what I think are outstanding hours of television. Seriously, I think they were among the finest shows of the year, and if you didn't get to see them, catch them in reruns or on iTunes or wherever you can.

Shark is a solid, entertaining, unspectacular show redeemed by some great acting. But last week's episode, "Wayne's World 2" was so far above what television usually offers, everyone involved should be remembered come Emmy time.

Law & Order did the Walter Reed scandal, and the final courtroom scene was incredibly moving. If only Jack McCoy could take on our real-life villains.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the forgotten child of the franchise, had a gripping episode this week called "Endgame" with Roy Scheider as a serial killer. The gifted cast was even better than usual.

ER has been tough to love lately. Often I find I can't even remember who's doing what from week to week. But I watch anyway, and now it's paid off. The last two episodes have been extraordinary. They are a complete return to form for the show, and the addition of Stanley Tucci is a great shot in the arm.

CSI:NY, which I and apparently only I think is the best of the CSI's, sure cemented the case this week with "Snow Day." Without compromising the characters they threw the CSI format out the window and did a sort of Assault on Precinct 13 or Rio Bravo (with a splash of Die Hard).

Criminal Minds had an outstanding and terrifying episode ("Legacy") that had more Saw trilogy influence in it than you'd expect from a TV show.

The problem with all these good episodes is I'm hungry for more... Keep it up!

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