Friday, May 11, 2007

For the Record, I'm Firmly Against Benchmarks

Always have been.

Now, with the Iraqi government taking a well-undeserved two month vacation, I'm more against benchmarks than ever.

I think it's silly to announce a date in the future when you're going to withdraw your troops.

I think we should withdraw our troops today. Now. Right now.

They should be home by Monday.

If we are going to "measure the success" of the Iraqi government in July, and they are embarking on a two month vacation, I can tell you now: Things won't improve much.

What do you tell the parents of a man or woman who is killed in June?

Get our troops home. Now.

I refuse to keep feeling "safe from terror" while Americans sit there like human sacrifices, absorbing all the terror for us. It's like they're our surrogates. It's inhumane.

Get our kids home.

And I keep hearing pundits and government officials on TV saying, "Well, even if we wanted to pull out now, it would take up to six months to get all our troops out of Iraq."

How is it that the United States Government can't get 150,000 soldiers out of Iraq in less than six months, but they expected millions of citizens without cars to evacuate New Orleans in 24 hours?

What is their plan if there's an emergency in Los Angeles? Philadelphia? Miami? Chicago? New York? Honolulu?

They can't get 150,000 soldiers out of Iraq in less than six months???

How secure do you feel now?

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