Friday, May 11, 2007

"Gentlemen, We've Got to Save Our Phoney-Baloney Jobs!"

If you know anything about what is going on in the news, this morning was a WOW ZOOM morning on Today.

They reported that Republicans accused Democrats of "playing political games with deadly consequences." They showed a clip of John Boehner accusing the Democrats of wanting to bring "failure and genocide"... but never mentioned that Boehner called for benchmarks himself on Fox News this past weekend.

"After a briefing at the Pentagon President Bush fired back himself...but he also struck a compromising tone..."

Actually, his "compromising tone" wasn't a result of his Pentagon briefing, it was a result of the (E-O) eleven Republican congressmen who told the President on Tuesday that something's gotta give, that things must change. What did they say that caused the president to finally yield? To finally realize he has no credibility? To compromise on benchmarks, which he swore last week he would never do?

They told him they would lose their seats.

Not that kids were dying. Not that our next generation would be bankrupt, crippled and killed for a folly.

They told him their polling was down.

They played politics with the war.

It was the single most cynical political act I've ever read about in my life.

But fortunately, NBC "cleaned that story up" this morning:

"[E]leven moderate House Republicans told President Bush he's lost credibility on Iraq and public support on Iraq is dwindling."

Yes. That was the "news" they brought him. Support for the war is dwindling. Dwindling? To 28 percent? That's a dwindle? And isn't that the question he's brushed off in every interview with, "Look, I know people are frustrated..." So obviously that isn't the "news" that changed his mind.

No, what changed his mind this time is the idea that moderates will lose their seats. Or that he'll lose their votes.

In other words, he's playing politics with the war.

Speaking of which, there's a difference between "playing politics with the war" -- which is bad -- and "politicians running the war" or other sneering phrases you hear all the time. Politicans are supposed to run the war.

There's another name for politicans. They're called "the government."

We only call them "politicians" when we don't agree with them. And under our system of government, the military answers to the government. So let's stop this bullshit about how "politicians shouldn't tell generals what to do" or "politicians shouldn't manage the war."

Someone has to manage this war. Please?

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