Monday, May 28, 2007

Google Calendar: The Perfect Gets Better

Google Calendar has always been, far and away, my favorite calendar app, but it's had one flaw: you couldn't view it on your cell phone.

You could always add events through their rather miraculous SMS system -- just text "lunch at noon Monday with Jim" to Google Calendar and it parses what you mean and adds it to your calendar. And you could text "day" and get today's schedule and text "nday" and get tomorrow's. But you couldn't just view your upcoming appointments.

Now you can. Just go to on your phone's browser and you're good to go. (And if you have a Mac, Spanning Sync gives you two-way syncing between
Google Calendar and iCal.)

And if you haven't downloaded the free Gmail Mobile for your phone, you're really missing out. And if you haven't got a Google account at all, then you're not only depriving yourself of all of the above, but you're also not getting Gmail. Gmail is the best web-based email program by a long shot, and also lets you appear to be sending and receiving email from any address you wish. You can consolidate all your email addresses into one great program.

Plus you're not getting Docs & Spreadsheets and Notebook. And iGoogle, the best homepage around... and all for free.

I mean, Google hardly needs any plugola from me... but what are you waiting for??


Anonymous said...

try out goosync - its even better then the google offering.

ive been using that and calgoo to sync everything i need with google cal. outlook, ical, mobile devices. everything i need.


Michael Markowitz said...

I've heard great things about goosync. But all my phones are Samsung A920s, which goosync doesn't support.