Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello? McFly?

Now that's what I call a season finale!


Howard Margulies said...

Lost is back, baby! Or rather, it was this season!

Mysterious, thought-provoking, enigmatic...

But what was the story with Jack's mustache and beard? Inexplicable.

Michael Markowitz said...

TWOP rightly refers to him as Grizzly Jack. The beard was somehow worse in the first scene than in later scenes. Either that or I got used to it. But in any case, it was better than Jack's mullet from last season.

The thing I found most hilarious about the Lost "backlash" this season was that backlash is too kind a word for it. It was the behavior of immature six year olds who get frustrated with a puzzle they can't easily solve. They tip over the table and shout, "This puzzle is too hard, and the people who made it are stupidheads!"

The more mature approach is to trust that the people who made the puzzle do know how to make puzzles. They say they're going somewhere, they must be up to something interesting, so stick with it. And the Lost finale proves that this approach can have ample rewards.