Monday, May 14, 2007

I May Not Necessarily Believe in 9/11 Conspiracies, But I Know an Imbecile When I See One

On The View this morning, Elisabeth was arguing with Rosie (what else is new?) and was doing so despite the fact that she didn't know what she was talking about (again, what else is new?).

Fed up with Rosie's frequent suspicions about the steel in the WTC melting, Elisabeth said, firmly, "Steel weakens at 270 degrees." Rosie told her that it doesn't. Elisabeth banged her tiny fist on the table and said, louder, "No, it's true!
Steel weakens at 270 degrees!"

I would love to hit her over the head with a frying pan. After it had been "weakened" by 270 degree heat, of course.


norm said...

I did about ten minutes of research and found that the melting point of steel is 2500 degrees.

I also found a theory from the Worchester Polytechnical Institute, that the WTC girders may have been weakened by corrosion from acid rain, which would explain how they suffered the damage they did at lower temperatures.

Wouldn't it be cool if a producer or someone on the View had a computer up and running so they would have something other than bullsit-out-of-their-ass "facts" to fall back on?
Even the morning radio sports show I listen to on the way to work, regularly checks stuff on the computer.

norm said...

...and about the 270 degree "weakening" theory:

"Temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit are needed to begin weakening steel (fire-resistant structural steel composed the Twin Towers' extraordinarily massive columns and beams)"

From what I've read...the fire was around 1000 degrees.
Which is in the ballpark.

norm said...

Sorry....I should stop (you already made your point better than I could, with the frying pan example)
But, I can't help thinking Elisabeth thinks steel girders will weaken at about three times the temperature of a hot summer day.
Or...181 degrees below the burning point of paper...

Michael Markowitz said...

Never stop, Norm!

But, all serious 9/11 discussion aside, yeah, SOMEONE in that room should have stopped her. Someone on the staff, someone in the audience, SOMEONE should have yelled something like,

"Have you ever preheated your toaster oven to 350 degrees? Did it weaken?"

Or, "Do you drive a car with an internal combustion engine? How does it hold up?"

Or, "When you ride on a train, have you ever looked down at the tracks? They seem okay to you?"

Or a million other common sense questions. Then they should ask why this woman with no more common sense than planaria is allowed to speak on TV.

Anonymous said...

The volcano comment was a bute as well. What volcano Rosie asked? THen Joy chimed in with the "bomb"? The Bomb? No, plane.
Joy blurted out what she really felt. Building 7 was an inside job. Oops! Producers won't be happy-they're in on it.