Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Not Stepping on the Rake Tonight

ABC has a new show premiering tonight. They'd like me to watch. They say it'll be the kickoff to an exciting, interesting story.

That's right. This network has some balls.

ABC is the same network that got me hooked on Invasion, Night Stalker, Knights of Prosperity, The Nine, Day Break, and Six Degrees. Each time, I got involved, then the show got canceled.

It happened on other networks, too: Reunion, Smith, Kidnapped, Heist, Studio 60, Drive...

Each time they canceled a show, they replaced it with another, and I watched that show, and they canceled it, too. Like Sideshow Bob, I kept stepping on the rake, over and over again.

I'm done stepping on rakes. You should be, too. Wait for the first season DVD. Make them commit before you do.

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