Friday, May 25, 2007

Just For the Next Few Minutes, Right or Left, I Beg You, Open Your Mind

All this talk about whether we're the terrorists or the Iraqis are the terrorists requires that you forget one thing:

The Iraqis were never the terrorists. Remember?

They were literally minding their own business. We might not have liked their own business, but they were minding it.

Let your mind go.


The Iraq war never happened.

Iran and China get into a war.

China believes (falsely) that we are in league with Iran, and that we are preparing to invade China. We tell them we're not going to, but they don't believe us. They tell us they're sending in UN inspectors whenever they like, wherever they like, to look at whatever they like. Bush feeling the way he does about the UN, he tells them to get bent.

China invades America and overthrows the government, in the interests of bringing their glorious system to improve our lives. Our cities are rubble, our electricity is off, and millions of our citizens are killed.

If you and I were to pick up guns and use guerilla tactics and set roadside bombs to repel the Chinese, would we be terrorists or freedom fighters?

If England and France smuggled in weapons for us, would they be rogue nations supporting terrorism, or allies defending freedom?

If Mexicans and Canadians were to take up arms to either defend their families or expand their territories, would they be insurgents, terrorists, or freedom fighters?

And if the blue states were to decide that this was a great chance to finally wipe out the red states, or if the South were to decide that this was their chance to get even for losing the Civil War, and Americans started to fight Americans for control of America, with Chinese and Mexican and Canadian soldiers caught in the crossfire, who'd be the terrorists? Who'd be the freedom fighters?

And whose fault would it be?

Just for a moment, try to look at the world through someone else's eyes.

No one thinks this mess is our troops' fault. It's the fault of whoever is putting them in this horrible situation. Whoever's making them do this senseless, dangerous, dirty work for no reason at all.

As of yesterday, a lot of Democrats made it their fault, too.

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