Friday, May 11, 2007

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Jeez, sweetheart, why the long face? No, seriously... I'm not just asking why you're so sour and snotty compared to your cheery, Alba-esque co-worker...I'm seriously asking why your face is so long.


Ellen said...

Oy vey!
Who designed that stuff? Gunny Sacks R Us?

Although if they were a little lower cut on top, they'd be perfect for Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Breast Whisperer.

Michael Markowitz said...

LOL! Gunny sacks!

I don't know if they still make them, but when I was a kid there was something... I think they were called Simplicity or something like that... they were there tissue paper patterns that you could lay down on fabric to make dresses as blah as these. They got the hoodie right, at least, but how do you get that wrong? Plus the cutie is working it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, because you mentioned JLH, I must lie down.

Ellen said...

Yes, I remember Simplicity patterns when I had to make a jumper in high school. Simplicity patterns are still around. Weird thing is, when my daughter wanted to learn how to sew several years ago, we went looking through pattern books and the styles were pretty feh. I bet you somewhere, someone is making that gunny thing for a special gathering.

So, do you watch Ghost Whisperer? H and I were cracking up last night at how many low-cut outfits she was wearing.

Man, I must be a great wife having cleavage convos with my husband.

Michael Markowitz said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... Hold on.

Despite my insane devotion to JLH, I have avoided it because it's on CBS, where America Goes to Die. This is, after all, the Jericho network! I assumed they'd make her hide her lights under bushels!

Consider Ghost Whisperer SEASON PASSED!!!!!!!

Thanks for the tip.

Michael Markowitz said...

E, I finally saw Ghost Whisperer and you were not kidding! Hum-babe! My new favorite show.

But one question, and it may seem like a dumb one. All her dresses looked like maternity dresses. Is she supposed to be pregnant on the show? because no one mentioned it.

On the other hand maybe they're not maternity dresses, just billowy things to hide some imaginary figure flaw we all know for a fact she doesn't have. Why do slender women wear things like that? If you've got that figure, why would you ever NOT wear,say, a T-shirt?