Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slutty Commercial? Or Am I Missing Something?

There is a commercial running now, and I honestly cannot figure out what's going on in it. I think I know. I think I'm right. But I can't be right. Can I? So I'm asking you.

In this commercial -- I think it's for Clairol -- a very beautiful woman goes into a women's room, turning the W upside down so it looks like an M. The announcer asks what kind of stuff you could get away with if you used this hair color.

Then a guy walks in, surprised to find a hot woman in there. She smiles (or something resembling a smile)

Then we see him stagger out, winded. Then hot girl walks out, hair still perfect (and face oddly expressionless) and turns the M back to a W.

So as near as I can figure, insanely hot girl went into a ladies' room, made it look like a men's room, and blew the first guy who walked in. (If they'd had any other kind of sex, her hair would have been mussed, too, no?)

And somehow, there's the implication that she would not have been able to do this if she had used any other hair color. we all know that when it comes to surprise supermodel blow jobs, guys are very choosy when it comes to hair color.

The only variant to the above comes from the expressionless face: perhaps she's a pleasure droid. She is programmed to give pleasure. And to color her hair?

In either case, this seems like a very strange commercial, doesn't it? I mean, I could see if this were a beer ad. But a hair color ad??

Do women really want to color their hair so they'll look better on their knees in a bathroom with a random stranger? And if so, where is this bathroom? Exactly? Like on a Google Map or something?

Seriously, is there an interpretation I'm not getting here?

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