Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Makes Someone an Expert?

There is an actor who has had three shitty, quickly-canceled TV shows in the last three years. If he were to give a class at the Learning Annex on "How to Have a Hit TV Series" you'd probably laugh your ass off.

If O.J Simpson claimed to be an "authority" on "Creating a Positive Public Image" you'd think it was preposterous.

And if, after two short-lived marriages, Britney Spears wrote a book called "I Know Better Than You How To Make Marriage Work" wouldn't she become a national joke?

Of course. Obviously.

Why then is Rudy Giuliani a "terrorism expert"?

Why does he presume to lecture us on "how to prevent terrorism"? Why has the press accepted the premise that he's the candidate who's "strong on terrorism"?

This is the only politician outside the present administration about whom it can be said he is supremely unqualified to deal with terrorism. He is the only outside politician with an actual record on terrorism, and an abysmal one at that.

The World Trade Center, in Mayor Giuliani's New York, was attacked in 1993. In the eight years that followed he did nothing. No communication upgrades. No infrastructure upgrades. No evacuation plans. Didn't move the command center.

And when the same group attacked Mayor Giuliani's New York again in 2001, where did they "sneak up" on him? The same target! Who'da thunk it?

And after the attack, when Mayor Giuliani was wandering the streets (because, as Richard Belzer pointed out, thanks to his shortsightedness "he had no fucking office") he actually said, "Thank God George Bush is our president."

He thanked God for the "My Pet Goat" guy.

Then he sent the first responders in without the right protective equipment. He told them it was safe when it wasn't. That's why the first responders are suffering the crippling, life-threatening health problems they are today. (If the Firefighters Union doesn't think Rudy's Mr. 9/11, why does the public?)

Then, in his rush to bulldoze the Ground Zero site -- Why? So it could sit empty all these years? -- he called off the search operation before it was done. That's how the remains of victims and heroes ended up in landfills.

That's how the remains of victims and heroes ended up being used to fill potholes.

A man who saw the World Trade Center attacked, and did nothing in the eight ensuing years to keep it from happening again? The man who was obligingly standing with the apple on his head when both arrows were fired? This is our anti-terrorism expert?

That's as believable as a National Guard deserter being seen as stronger on national defense than a Vietnam War hero.

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