Thursday, June 28, 2007

Imagine a Guy Who Straps a Dog to the Roof of His Car for a 12-Hour Drive. Now Imagine He Thinks He's Fit To Be President.

Well, you don't have to imagine it. I'm not kidding: Mitt Romney did it. ("Romney's Cruel Canine Adventure", Time)

And when his kids noticed the shit running down the windshield, Romney pulled over, hosed down the poor panicked dog, his carrier and the car, and got back on the road.

This is only the second most monstrously cruel act I've heard about -- Bill Frist's adopting cats for home dissection still rules -- but just imagine: this man thinks he has the good judgment needed to lead our country.

I've heard all kinds of "tests" advanced for how voters pick a president: who you'd like to have a beer with, who you'd like to have over for dinner, who you'd let babysit your kids, and other ridiculous tests.

I usually imagine it's 9am and I just found out at 6pm my house will be seized and my assets will be frozen. I have no idea why. Which candidate would I ask to come over and help me figure it out?

But let's start with something simpler: Which candidate would you trust not to strap a dog to the roof of his car??


gina said...

I just went and told everyone in my office this story, posted it at my site and e-mailed it to friends.

"Emotion-free crisis management" my ass. Heartless son of a bitch.

Sorry, people who do cruel things make me swear!

Boski93 said...

But isn't it a good thing. Since Mitt would like to have a "double Gitmo"? This could be a warning to terrorists. If he could do that to a pet, what would he do to them.

Does the article go into his waterboarding of said dog to find out where he hid his slippers? Or putting his kids in stress positions to find out if the trash has been taken out?

Mitt, you are an assclam of the highest order.

Grubber said...

Shouldn't there be an option for a "her" as well. Gotta be PC and all :)

Michael Markowitz said...

LOL... You are absolutely right in the abstract. But given the particular "her" who's running, I feel comfortable leaving her out.

Michael Markowitz said...

Gina, I'm with you, it makes me so mad I can't stand it. Thanks for spreading the world on your (fantastic) blog, thisisgina

Bosk, I believe the 2008 Hummer will have a waterboard on the roof as an option.