Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some More Mac Programs I Like

In this blog I've suggested quite a few apps I like for the Mac. (Click here for some of them)

I thought I'd add a couple more I've come to love:

I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: the best video conversion software is Visual Hub. I love this program.

Aurora is small, simple and lets you use your Mac as an alarm clock, running any program and/or playlist you like.

Notebook and VoodooPad are indispensable note-taking programs. Journler is great, too. And for those who think visually, I am a huge fan of PersonalBrain, which is also a cool desktop.

Again, I've written about Connect360 before, but it's more timely than ever. If you can do without streaming iTunes protected content, Connect360 turns an Xbox360 into a great substitute for AppleTV.

Democracy and Vuze are my favorite video aggregators. I really want to like Joost, but they make it hard. The interface is kludgy and too cute by half, and why on Earth does it bombard you immediately upon launch with loud music you can't shut off easily? Hasn't anyone at Joost ever worked in an office?

Dragster simplifies moving files to your most often-used directories.

Media Central is a Front Row alternative that kicks ass.

Nocturne is an astonishingly simple solution to a vexing problem. You know how it's hard to see your screen when you're outdoors? Nocturne flips the screen into negative or "night vision" mode. Much easier.

And Popcopy, my favorite clipboard manager, also offers a simple, elegant program called Zazen. Its "Concentration Mode" lets you focus solely on the program you're working on, while blacking out all distractions. You can even select the opacity level of the blackout. Incredibly useful.

And old favorites like Onyx, 1Password, SuperDuper, PDFPen Pro, AppZapper, Radio365, Pandora, Pixadex, CandyBar, YouControl Desktops, TextExpander, ImageWell, Grand Perspective, Netflix Freak, Sofa Control, Amnesty Singles, Salling Clicker, DockStar, Audio Hijack, Quicksilver, Renamer4Mac, Scrivener, TrashIt! and Flock all deserve a mention. (Please forgive me for not hotlinking them all for you.)

And you can also always find more odds 'n' sods at the Tumblelog and in the column on the right hand side of this page.

If anyone has any more, please add them to the comments!

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