Friday, June 01, 2007

The View

Google Maps' new "Street View" feature is very, very cool, and very, very useful (especially for writers). More important, it's a great time-waster.

But snapping countless random photographs in major cities can lead to awkward ones. Like the ones below. Which we love.

Find more at Tailrank and And for more info on Google Street View, go to Google Maps and look for the "Street View" button, or click here to view an intro video.

1 comment:

Tim Woods said...

i'm really in two minds about google maps.

on the one hand i use it to show people the obscure new zealand town where i grew up and my current london residence.

on the other hand . . . how about a little privacy, huh? you can't even sunbath topless in your own back yard with immunity these days.

and sure, i live in the most cctv'd place in the world . . . but they never catch me sunbathing topless in my back yard.