Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother 8 Starts Tonight: I'm Ashamed of How Psyched I Am


Ellen said...

How could I have missed this?
Is Julie Chen still with the show?
Has Chilltown 2 been established yet?

Michael Markowitz said...

It's not too late! The episodes are at, and there's a fantastic new wrinkle: Live and uncensored from the house, every night from midnight to 3 (Eastern) on Showtime 2.

As for Julie Chen, as the wife of HOH Les Moonves, she enjoys permanent immunity.

The Crutnacker said...

Watching the Showtime live feed. Paint drying is too kind for this. The producers are obviously hoping that the two girls in bikinis are going to suddenly lose them in a freak accident, and are trying to find 101ways to show their boobs.

You know it is bad when Showtime breaks in for a commercial and you're thankful.

And by the way, someone tell Les Moonves to feed Julie Chen occasionally. As my wife said, her hair now weighs more than the rest of her body.

Michael Markowitz said...


I think the cut-to-commercial happened because that guy was in the process of making what seemed like really racist jokes about the black girl.

(They just cut quickly away at the words "lines of coke"... So much for uncensored)

Commercials on Showtime? Lame

The feed is better because you can switch cameras. But bikinis do look good on the big screen.

Anyway, this show, like the feed, will get a LOT more interesting as the season goes on. Right now they have nothing to talk about, until the scheming and feuds begin.

Besides, before I turned this on, I was actually watching paint dry.

Michael Markowitz said...

The guy with the huge nipples is saying how much he idolizes Barbara Walters... so Barbara, you got that goin' for ya.

The Crutnacker said...

I had to turn it off. I can only spend so much time staring at a mute, hard looking, semi attractive blonde in a bikini before I get bored.

Interesting that they'd cut away from some of this stuff. That's the kind of stuff they SHOULD be showing.

Michael Markowitz said...

Even I got bored. Much better to watch online, switch cameras at will.

The hardest part for me would be not singing for three months. I can't even imagine the mental discipline that would take.

By the way, speaking of discipline, the little brunette girl, the daughter of the Senator? She has the most fascinating ability to stare into space I've ever seen. Did you see that? She just looked off into the distance, reacting to nothing, forEVER. THAT is some serious zen shit. Or her head is full of turkey dressing.

And here is my prediction, and you can bet on it: That woman who is concealing the fact that she's a
"multi-business owner" who holds half a town in her iron fist? I say she can keep that secret no longer than 2 weeks, tops. It is KILLING her to keep it inside.

The Crutnacker said...

I think the bigger secret is that Kail is full of shit. She sells real estate. Could you imagine buying something from a Big Brother contestant?

As for not singing, my understanding is that was a way that they used to keep the cameras off of them. Sing a few verses of something while someone else formed an alliance.

And someone explain to me why the prize is only $500.

The "professional" football player looks like he stepped off the set of a 70s Afterschool Special and everyone keeps talking about how good looking he is.

The more people "play the game" the more boring reality TV gets.

I think an interesting twist would be to give the HOH control of cameras in his/her room so they could spy on everyone.

Jessica is annoying, and without makeup looks like she could be starring in the Tina Yothers story.

I'm hoping Joe's the first to go. He's like Jack from Will and Grace without the funny.

One thing is for sure. After reading their profiles, they all appear to have taste for shit in popular culture. But then, I'm watching this, sooooooo.........

Hey Dick, Tommy Lee called and says he wants his look back.

Grubber said...

I notice you guys let them have lots of cutlery, I don't think ours have progressed past the spoon.

What's the story with that chess set? You trying to confuse 'em?

Michael Markowitz said...


The prohibition on singing is because it costs a fortune to license songs. So if someone starts singing, they have to cut the feed to avoid paying. I believe repeated deliberate infractions, as with other rules, can result in expulsion, so it wouldn't be used for strategy. Besides, there is no off-camera.

And why avoid discussing alliances on camera? You only need to conceal them from your housemates.

Also, the prize is $500,000.

And the HOH does have control of spy cameras.

Joe, Jessica and Jen are tied for "Dumbest Person Ever." But Jen should stay in the house, if only for her positive qualities.. all of which are from the neck down.

Grub, "you people"? I don't work for BB, I'm just a viewer.

Grubber said...

Just generalizing, as in the US :) More fun to chat with you about it :)

Michael Markowitz said...

Ohhhhhhh! "You Guys" as in U.S.! Gotcha! What country are you in?

Our contestants do indeed get cutlery... even though one of the housemates was kicked out a couple of years ago for holding a knife to a girl's throat in the house. That's prohibited, by the way.

As for chess, it's been a big diversion for the contestants for the last couple of years, so I guess in keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme they gave them a huge chess set. However, I don't think it would be any fun to play like that... How do you take in the whole board? (And in my case, stare blankly forever until your opponent clears his/her throat)

Also, unlike in past season, this year's crop doesn't seem very "chessy"

Grubber said...

Oz. We generalize everything. :)

Check on the knife to the throat, mind you I believe from all these highly accurate TV shows we get over here about the US, wouldn't that actually be part of the audition process in some states?

How do they tap those chess pieces whilst contemplating whether they are going to buy white or wholemeal bread for this week big grocery buy. I mean they wouldn't actually be thinking about chess would they?

Have they thought of moving big blue in there just to screw with them :)