Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's a Shocker: Ann Coulter Lied

Watch as Ann Coulter pretends that Larry Flynt only exposed the hypocrisy of one Republican before Vitter. She also maintains that it was a pathetic little story of something that happened 20 years ago, and that two or three others outed themselves, then resigned.

In fact, Flynt outed three Republicans: Clinton impeachment Managers Bob Barr and Henry Hyde, and Bob Livingston, who confessed and resigned only because Flynt was about to publish.

Coulter knows that Barr and Hyde continued to serve after they were exposed. Hyde only left office in 2006!

When Livingston resigned he had just been elected Speaker of the House, replacing Newt Gingrich, who was facing 84 ethics charges, not including any related to his marital infidelities. Livingston's replacement was David Vitter.

A pathetic little story that happened 20 years ago seems less pathetic when you realize it was one of several, ongoing stories exposed 9 years ago. Not only did Bob Barr cheat on at least two of his wives, but under oath he refused to answer questions about whether or not he cheated. (Yet still he had no sympathy for Bill Clinton.)

More on Bob Barr (not to be confused with Babar, the elephant) after the scummy video:

Barr was a fierce anti-choice advocate who said abortion was wrong even in cases of rape. When it was revealed that one of his former wives had an abortion during their marriage, he said under oath that she did it over his objections.


Turns out that "object" isn't a totally accurate description. A better phrase would be "drove her to the clinic and paid for it." (It's okay, though, because he was already cheating on that wife)

Confronted with the lie, Barr told CNN that his lying about his marriage under oath was "vastly different" from Bill Clinton's lying about his marriage under oath, because Barr's perjury "didn't influence the members of the House." (No one pointed out to him that if the House had left Bill Clinton alone, his perjury wouldn't have "influenced" them either.)

Ancient history? Sure, but Ann Coulter brought it up.


The Crutnacker said...

Ann Coulter looks like what would happen if Alice Cooper and Nicole Bass (from the Howard Stern show) mated and had a child. Her Adam's apple is bigger than mine (and i'm a guy). I swear that after a date with her, a guy probably sings Lola by the Kinks.

But, like Rush Limbaugh, I get no sense that she really gets joy out of this. I think it is her only talent, and one that pays her pretty well. It's sad that this is what passes for political discourse these days.

Michael Markowitz said...

I think that like Rush Limbaugh, she is having a ball, because neither one of them really believes a word they say. They're just bomb-throwers. Some think -- and they could be right -- that Rush and Ann get their marching orders from the party: say something really sick, so the rest of us can pretend we're reasonable by condemning you. If there were no Rush and Ann, the Republicans would have had to invent them.

Most important... Movie fans know there's only one way to describe Ann Coulter: "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs."

peeky said...

I don't think she believes any of it either, and I'm confident she's a fairly unhappy person. (If only based on her reaction when asked about her three broken engagements.) I hope she has to spend a lot of money and energy on security and keeping large parts of her life secret.