Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Believe We All Owe Mary Hart an Apology


Todd said...

What the hell? Was that a test run? A dry rehearsal? Did someone steal her glasses? I am thinking this if for online consumption but geez, I could do better than that.

Michael Markowitz said...

If that woman is still receiving a paycheck there is something seriously wrong with the world.

With all the beautiful and talented actresses and broadcasters I know, how do they come up with this shithead? She's not even HOT! It's like they went to a high school media lab and asked the student everyone calls "The Plain Girl" to fill in while everyone went to a birthday party in the break room.

The Crutnacker said...

Oh my gosh. This looks like Albert Brooks melting down in Broadcast News. They let this person interview an Academy Award winner? She sounds like someone on a high school station interviewing the principal. This is classic.

Isn't it time Holly Hunter adjusted her dentures?