Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Believe You, Mr. Bush

Marty Kaplan has an excellent column in The Huffington Post on Bush's oppressive repetition of the phrase "I believe." He quotes an odd, illogical passage from Bush's remarks in Cleveland the other day. At his press conference, Bush just repeated the same passage, practically word for word. It didn't improve with age.

Bush's argument comes down to this: How can we say he's wrong? Clearly he wouldn't do things he doesn't believe are necessary. He believes in the things he believes and that's why he acts on those beliefs.

I believe that you believe, Mr. Bush. I believe you're not stupid, and I believe you're not evil. I truly believe that you believe the things you say you believe.

I also think you're insane. Mad. Crazy.

Not crazy like in "Crazy Eddie." Crazy like in "muttering and covering the windows with Bible passages."

Bush is a madman. He is a dangerous lunatic. He believes things that aren't so. He does the same things over and over and expects a different result. And we all know what that makes him: crazy.

This morning, Bush even said that the American People's opposition to the war was due to war fatigue, which is affecting our "psychology." He pointed to his head, in a gesture most recognize as signifying "koo-koo."

Hey, fuck you, too.

If everyone in the White House knew Bush was crazy -- like Charles Logan times a thousand -- we all know they'd never tell us. If they won't admit Karl Rove sends email, they certainly wouldn't admit that Bush is crying non-stop and smearing mustard on his chest.

Can we please get an independent, impartial psychiatrist to give the Shithouse Rat-in-Chief a psychological exam? Don't we have the right to occasionally check the sanity of our leader? To be reassured we're not being led over a cliff into an ocean of Kool-Aid?

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The Crutnacker said...

I don't think he's crazy, I just think he's incredibly stupid. He's still evil, and evil and stupid are dangerous.

What pisses me off is that in this country, the Rove spin machine has created this false idea that there are two "balanced" sides to each story. If we had a media that had balls, they would ALL be pulling a Keith Olberman and Jon Stewart and every day keep a running count of lies, mistruths, statements made one day that are countered with something completely different the next. This President is not a good man, he's not a good President, and he cares nothing about what Jesus cared about. He wants to do what he wants, when he wants, and he wants us to buy that he can because its the only way to keep us safe. The problem is that most of the public is too busy watching Age of Love to give it any serious thought.

If I were a Democrat right now, I'd say, "Mr. Bush, you want a troop surge, we're going to help you by starting the draft back up." Bush would say, "This is politics" and he'd be correct. SFW?