Friday, July 20, 2007

I Would Go on American Inventor, But It Wouldn't Be Fair to the Other Contestants

See, I have invented something so simple, yet so brilliant, that it would leave the judges breathless. (Except George Foreman. No one winds The Champ.)

My invention reaches a small-but-affluent market: celebrities plagued by paprazzi. It's called the Paparazz-No. Or The Paparazz-No-More ... or maybe The Paparazzinator 2000... Not sure yet, but patent pending. So don't steal this!

It's a hat covered on all sides by blinding, continuously-firing flashbulbs. It renders the wearer completely unphotographable (if a little laughable).

Slip it on in the limo, turn it on, and you can walk to any restaurant, club, or awards show with a new spring in your step.

Wealthy investors out there? You know where to find me.

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