Thursday, July 12, 2007

It Should Be Noted...

...that even is Bush is telling the truth -- which he demonstrably isn't -- and it turns out Al Qaeda is as strong as it was on 9/11, not before 9/11...

...the difference between Al Qaeda on 9/10 and Al Qaeda on 9/11?

Nineteen guys.

He's lying, and it's only to claim credit for a reduction of 19 guys.

Even his lies are poorly planned.


The Crutnacker said...

What's interesting is that both interpretations work in his favor. If there are less, he's done a good job. If there are more, that proves we need to refocus on the "war on terror".

The "war on terror" is bullshit. Al Qaeda is bullshit. We should worry about people who hate this country and why they hate it, and work to improve what we can. We should use law enforcement techniques to track these jerks down. And we should realize that anyone with a grudge and a death wish could have done the same things these disgusting men could have done on 9/11.

What I don't understand is how we can have so much intelligence on Al Qaeda, but not have a freakin' clue where OBL or his men are or how to get them.

Bush is an idiot. I just wish someone had the cojones to truly take him on politically or in the media.

Boski93 said...

So this is what would it be like if Corporal Agarn from F-Troop lead the country?

You hit on the head a couple of post back, he is extremly dangerous because he does not care (a point I used on my lame ass blog, so many thanks)

His press conference yesterday was a hige FU to everyone.