Thursday, July 12, 2007

MSNBC, You're Killing Me Here

In the movie Tune In Tomorrow, Peter Falk played a radio soap opera writer who peppered his scripts with insanely inappropriate and random anti-Albanian slurs. (Trust me, in the movie it's hilarious.)

I am reminded of that roughly 400 times a day, which is how often I see a particular Ditech ad on MSNBC. In it, the voiceover (who seems to be doing a horrible Albert Brooks impression) is talking about home loans or whatever Ditech does... and then suddenly veers off into talking about magicians. Huh?

Then, the announcer says that some people call magicians "illusionists." Only he says it like this: ill-yooooooooo-sionists. It's the most snide, naked loathing I've ever heard on TV. And I still have no idea why this vicious, random anti-magician diatribe found its way into a Ditech ad. I only know that I never want to see it again.

But then again, whenever the Ditech ad is not on, I am instead treated to the Blackberry Curve ad below. It has the most irritating, grating, repulsive song on Earth... and then, right before it ends, the ad slips in the AT&T jingle... the second most irritating song on Earth. It's not even a graceful transition. The song is just kinda dragged-and-dropped. I'd like to find whoever approved this ad and drag-and-drop them off a cliff.

AT&T, hear me now and believe me later: If you do not stop with this friggin' ad, I am going to go all Buford Pusser on my nearest AT&T location.

I'm begging you. Yank this ad. If not for me, do it for the troops. Yeah... that's right. For the troops. Oh, and for the children.

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