Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some Cruel Big Brother 8 Remarks

(If you're watching the show, you know they're deserved.)

Is it my imagination, or does Jen get fuglier by the second? And yes, those T-shirts are grounds for homicide.

What is more hideous about Jessica: her hair, her makeup, her voice, or her personality?

How can anyone, male or female, find Joe attractive?

There are two guys in the house that I just can't tell apart. Are they the same person, rendered twice via green screen?

Is it too late for America to pick a less obnoxious America's Player? Seriously, can we vote on that, please?

That Vegas chick, Amber? She is genuinely psychotic, as well as the dictionary definition of "slatternly."

And Cail is a cautionary tale... a living warning to Kirsten Dunst to take care of her appearance.

And could the guys all put their shirts on, please? At least part of the time?


The Crutnacker said...

Great comments. You know it is bad when you think the oldest woman in the house is the best looking one.

Here were my comments last night on

Amber looks like Jerri from Survivor if she were permanently stoned.
The single mom angle gets old. Get over yourself. If you cared, you
wouldn't have left your kid.

Dick is fortysomething wishing he was still 20. He looks like a
Tommy Lee hepatitis farm. Acts like an idiot.

Danielle is kind of cute but needs to eat something several more times
a day.

Dustin was obviously the man in his relationship with Joe. He seems
like a nice guy, and worthy of winning. . Joe is a freak fest that
Elton John would ask to tone it down a bit.

Eric as "America's player" might make him as fun as Will.

Jameka -- Can't really tell.

Jen -- Anyone stupid enough to allegedly copyright the phrases on her
T-Shirts, and cry at the horror of her own picture deserves to be
shown the door. All the bikini grabbing and parading around can't
hide her Jeneric personality.

Jessica -- She looks like Tina Yothers when she's not wearing her
makeup. And her voice sounds like a valley girl chipmunk on helium.
I'd have to kill her or myself if stuck in the house with her.

Kail -- Probably the best looking person in the house, if only because she doesn't look so fake. She's also pretty self absorbed, with her talk of owning the town. I doubt she'll get off "scotch" free.

Mike and Zach -- Aren't these the same people?

Nick -- "Pro" football player. Hahahahaha. Not getting why the
women are dying for him. His hair looks like he took a trip back to
the 70's and used a Flowbee to cut his hair. And that tattoo on his
arm looks like something you get antibiotics to treat.

Carol -- I'd like to see her win it all if only because it would make
Jessica cry.

Michael Markowitz said...

Fantastic on all counts. And kudos to you for knowing the names "Mike and Zach"... You're one up on me when it comes to The Twins.

My only disagreement is Kail. I have a feeling the folks back home roll their eyes when she comes wheeling up in the supermarket, all full of new show-offy stories. Also, it took her roughly four seconds to play the mother card, too.

As for Carol, I like her for the same reason you do. Also, it might turn out that the big twist is that she's the Obama Girl.

The Crutnacker said...

I think the folks back home are rolling their eyes at Kail right now. After all, like Kim Basinger, "she owns half the town". And while we haven't heard it yet, I have a feeling she loves George Bush and thinks that Iraq was Al Queda's summer home.