Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For His Soul is Hollow and He Has Touched Bottom

I have been stunned that anyone is prepared to accept Michael Vick's "contrition."

He apologized for doing something that was "immature."


Immature is making prank phone calls. Immature is ordering multiple pizzas for a stranger.

Killing dogs with your bare hands is not immature. It's sadistic and sick.

Some say we need to understand his "cultural background" or the "subculture" that gave him his values.

If there's a "subculture" in America that says it's okay to electrocute or hang dogs, then we need to stamp it out. People come to this country from "subcultures" that practice human sacrifice or brutal female circumcision. We don't tolerate or excuse those practices.

People: Forget the dogfighting and the gambling and the lying.

He killed dogs.

And if anyone compares this to the NFL's mild treatment of wife-beaters, I would say this:

1. The NFL's past laxity doesn't excuse future laxity.

2. Killing a dog is worse than beating a person, because a person has the capability of walking out or picking up a phone or moving to another city or whatever. A person is not chained in the yard while he/she is being beaten.

And a dog, up until the moment you kill him, is only trying to please you. That's what makes it so sick.


Russell Arch said...

Again Mike, why do I have to search my feeble brain for words to explain my outrage... when you'll simply (and concisely) do the work for me?

Anonymous said...

Amen! Thanks for saying it so well. How could anyone think he might play again? Who would buy tickets to see that pissant play?

gina said...

Thanks, Mike - I'm blogging this!

peeky said...

AGREED. Something's broken when you're killing dogs.

norm said...

...but he says this has helped him find, he's got that going for him.

The Crutnacker said...

Why is it that nobody can be considered a thug and everyone has to be "redeemable"?

Wouldn't it have been nice for the NAACP in Atlanta to say, "Michael did a horrible thing and he deserves the punishment he's getting."

In my little nothing job, if I committed a felony and went to jail, I'd not be able to return to work. And I'd have trouble getting a job anywhere else. Why should Michael Vick be any different. He had everything and blew it. He has no excuse.