Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer

As long as we're all on the topic of politicians' wardrobe and haircuts...

It's hard to pick the worst thing about Mrs. Dole's look. Is it the Groucho eyebrows?

Maybe it's the pearls, which I believe she got by digging up Mamie Eisenhower.

Maybe it's the hair, which seems to be an homage to Bananarama... but with a soup├žon of Kajagoogoo. (below)*

And if only the polar icecaps had as much frosting as her hair. Or perhaps another Senator went berserk and sprayed Streaks N' Tips all over her. (I think Lindsey Graham seems due to snap.)

And, finally, we get to the dress. Wow. Although, in fairness to Mrs. Dole, she had to go straight from the Senate to her other job: standing behind a TV weatherman.

* see also "Lowe, Rob, St. Elmo's Fire"


gina said...

LOL, you are so bad! C'mon - she's old! The dress and the pearls just come with the territory.

Now the hair, well, she kind of looks like Judy Garland after a particulary fierce battle with a bottle.

Boski93 said...

Any man who finds a way to put bad congressional fasion and Fun Boy Three into a blog entry, well that man is who is far more evolved than the rest of us.