Friday, August 31, 2007

Like Smart on Rice

Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly is easily the smartest Big Brother pundit out there. She understands the game so perfectly that, if I were going to go on the show, I'd hire her to coach me for a couple of months prior.

But I have to disagree with her when it comes to Jen. Lynette has praised Jen for her ability to let insults "roll right off her" and pitied her for her "deer in headlights" look when she was insulted.

I actually think Lynette missed the point: Jen was making the same face on all those occasions. The exact same idiotic half-smile, slightly open.

You know when you excitedly open a gift in front of the giver, and when you get the wrapping off you realize it's not nearly as good a gift as you expected? And for the moment it takes for you to process it and choose a reaction you're stuck with the ghost of your smile and a dazed expression?

That's Jen's face all the time.

Call her a whore? Same face. Give her ice cream? Same face.

Hit her on the head with a frying pan? Please do!

There's a name for this: flat affect. In Jen's case, I think it points to either autism or psychopathy. Probably the latter, since in her own words, "I'm not good at the 'feeling bad' thing." And also there was the photo tantrum.

Bugs Bunny would have said it best: Screw + Ball = Jen

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