Friday, August 31, 2007

There Are Heroes All Around Us, If You Squint

Today, while sitting at a stop light, I noticed there had been an accident near the next corner. A man's car had been struck by another car. He was standing next to his bashed-in car, apparently waiting for the police to arrive.

And I thought, "You know what? That man is an American hero."

It's true. He's like a micro-Giuliani. His car suffered a violent attack while he happened to be in it, and he waited for the police to arrive. Oh, sure, it's his "responsibility" to do that, but he could have ignored his responsibility. He could have run away, screaming. Maybe he could have started to hop and giggle.

But he didn't. He stood next to his car, somberly inspecting the damage. He was extremely Giuliani-esque.

In my rear view mirror, I saw the police arrive. I saw him answering their questions and pointing to where the impact happened. In that moment, he was truly America's Driver.

Then I remembered a couple of weeks ago, when my air conditioning system broke down. I called the gentleman who maintains it, and described the problem. He and his assistant worked very hard to fix it. I watched, gravely. From inside. (Occasionally I ventured out, but mostly I wanted to stay out of the way of these first responders.)

And when the time came to write a check, my fellow Americans, I wrote that check.

(Ich bin ein guter kunde!)

I am proud to say I behaved the way Rudy Giuliani did on 9/11. I did the very least expected of me, and I did it visibly.

I am an American Hero.

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The Crutnacker said...

Ouch! Spot on!