Monday, August 20, 2007

To Quote Ruthless People, Amber "Could Very Well Be the Stupidest Person on the Face of the Earth."


Ellen said...

Wow, that was really something.
I never got the chance to get into BB this year. It always seems when I forget, I usually miss something good.
Hey, if they make a movie of BB, she should be cast as Amber.

Michael Markowitz said...

You should definitely go to and watch the last three weeks worth if you have time. Exquisitely entertaining, and you'll have skipped the evictions of the boring people.

If not that, then definitely search youtube for clips... "so meaty!"

As for Brooke Smith, that's great casting... as long as we can pump her full of something she's allergic to, so her face will swell up to match Amber's hideous mess of a puss.

The Crutnacker said...

I haven't been able to get into it this year, but I enjoy these clips. I'd laugh harder if I didn't work around people like this everyday. What a dork.