Monday, September 10, 2007

Budweiser Clydesdale Strange Choice to Open VMA's

From a conversation I had today with a friend, who shall remain nameless:

ME: Britney Spears has, like, eight hours a day to work out. I'd be surprised if she's done a single crunch.

MY FRIEND: Yeah, instead she's been doing Cap'n Crunch.


Boski93 said...

Please tell your friend that was brilliant!

Thankfully I did not watch the VDA's errr the VMA's, but I still felt like Jay Mohr in "Go" after viewing this Confederate Products presentation that was Britney Spears opening number.

You know you have not only hit rock bottom, but crashed through rock bottom, when Kevin Federline is ashamed of your behavior. Again I say give the kids to some wolves, they will have atleast a fighting chance of making it.

Ellen said...

Gimme gimme back the time I wasted watching the clips!
Have you seen this one:

Michael Markowitz said...

Ellen, it was removed by Viacom... and... er, I'm sure they had their reasons, because they are a wise and generous company. Heh heh...huhhhhhhh...

Now to the news: Fox is negotiating for Britney to come on the Emmys and apologize for the VMA performance. She is said to be "weighing the offer."

Unfortunately, no word that she is weighing her portions.

Ellen said...

Oh, sorry you couldn't see it.
I should have remembered where I found it. The person who posted it had evidence (with "supered" titles and arrows) that a broken heel was the reason Brit's performance was so sucktastic.

And speaking of sucktastic, can't wait to see how Seacrest does as host. He is the luckiest man in showbiz.

Michael Markowitz said...

That person was delusional.

And what can I say? I like Ryan. He's a broadcaster in the best sense, and what he does is really difficult to do well, as witness just about everyone else who does it. When you put him (and perhaps Probst) against all the others, it's no contest.

And by the way, he did at least eight straight hours of TV yesterday. Wow.