Saturday, September 01, 2007

If You Want To Know What It's Like to Slide Into an Alternate Universe, Watch Five Minutes of Fox News

"Look, to send more money in there -- and that's all the people in New Orleans ask for, 'Just send us more money.' That's what Louisiana's for, 'Just send us more money.' -- They don't have their act together. You still have a completely corrupt police department and law enforcement system and criminal justice system and dysfunctional political community and an absence of strong leaders and so on. It is a recipe for wasting money."
-- Fred Barnes, The Beltway Boys

Literally one minute later, Barnes was defending funding the Maliki government in Iraq.

I haven't seen any polls on this, but I suspect that an overwhelming portion of the American public blames the Bush Administration for the failure of New Orleans to be rebuilt. Now that's partly a press problem, but it's also a Bush problem, and it's a constant Bush problem. They do not know how to rewrite the story so people understand the truth as they see it, and it's chronic.
-- Morton Kondracke, The Beltway Boys.

"The failure of New Orleans to be rebuilt"??? I'm certain Mort also blames the Lindbergh baby for "failing to not be kidnapped." Also, how has he
avoided seeing polls about Katrina?? And finally, is this how openly contemptuous of the truth Fox News has become: They want the Bush Administration to rewrite the Katrina story "so people understand the truth as they see it"?? Yikes!

"I'm sorry to see Karl Rove go. He's one of the great political minds of his generation and a very honorable guy."
-- Fred Barnes, The Beltway Boys

No comment necessary.


The Crutnacker said...

This crap succeeds because nobody seems to care about politics anymore. A jaded public allows this crap to continue.

Michael Markowitz said...

Never forget Fox only reaches, at most, 2 or 3 million people... and mostly NOT in key demos. This is a small group of knuckleheads who believe whatever they're told. And now, apparently, pundits who've become so lazy they don't even hide the history-rewriting any more.

Fox's motto should be: "Pay all the attention you like to whoever you like behind any curtain you like. You're too stupid to piece it together."