Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Last Post for a While

When the Congress and the press kept rehashing a MoveOn ad instead of the actual war, I started to slip. When someone said on TV that she didn't know if the world is round, I slipped a little further. When George Bush's biggest contributor singlehandedly killed any hope of oil revenue sharing in Iraq, and nobody noticed, I really slid.

But today I hit bottom (see below).

I have to take a break while I decide what country to move to.


Crutnacker said...

It gets worse when you hear about the Twin Tower ice sculptures with the thinner base so they collapse midway through.

norm said...

I feel your pain.
It's like nothing matters.
Not votes, petitions, laws, the U.N. reality, science, justice....


They just do what they please and sometimes make the effort to lie, but they realize it's just a game and if they get caught, they just flip us the bird and say, "So...what ya gonna do about it ya pansy?"

Maybe we'll get a few decent years though...while they rest up and re-group for another shot.

Or maybe they'll just decide they don't need to worry about who's President.

How could a puny little President stop them anyway?

norm said...

Ok...I vented a bit there, but I think there's still a point to our ranting.
If nothing else, it's nice to know we're not the only ones who feel like they're living on the Bizzarro Planet.
And, as much as I fear my previous post may be right...I still have hope the good guys can win one here and there....and in the end....who knows...
As they say in football, when the underdog beats the heavy favorite, "That's why they play the games. You never know what may happen."