Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Print and Save This Post

Sunday on Meet the Press, the plastic thing that used to be Mary Matalin complained that when Democrats' personal lives differ from their public stances it's okay, while when Republicans do it they're "hypocrites."

Several more right wing puppets said similar things this weekend. The thrust seemed to be that just because someone says one thing and does another it doesn't make him a hypocrite. That legislators should be permitted to advocate policies even if they're not "perfect" on them.


I could point out that Democrats don't call Democrats hypocrites because the very spine of the Democratic party is tolerance. That Democrats don't hold themselves up as perfection the way Republicans do. Republicans are deserving of judgment because they themselves are so judgmental.

But instead I'll just print this post and save it.

The next time some Republican asshole criticizes John Edwards for getting an expensive haircut or living in a big house... or feels that Al Gore flying in a private jet is smirk-worthy... while ignoring Republicans' big houses and expensive haircuts and private jets (without offsets)...

I'll know them for what they are: hypocrites. And to be a hypocrite on the actual subject of hypocrisy is probably the surest sign that you are a moron or a crook.

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TimWarp said...

Nicely said! Thank you. Printing now.