Monday, September 10, 2007

Quotes of the Summer

"There's only room for one Casanova in this house."

-- the delusional Eric, on Big Brother 8

It's like watching Mister Burns hook up with Jessica Rabbit."

-- Holly of BB5, commenting on the vomitatious
canoodling of Eric and Jessica, on House Calls.


-- Janelle of BB6 and BB7, describing how
Eric's and Jessica's kissing makes her feel.

I would give anything to see Eric's face when Casanova learns that America finds him icky.

Meanwhile Zach has outdone even his "... because I'm Zach" quote with his fuckbrained speech last night about how Jameka deserves to go further in the game because other players have played well, so it's unfair to those who haven't. Huh??

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