Monday, October 08, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Say These Words: Leave Britney Alone

No one deserves this. This is not a life.


peeky said...

I'll never understand the obsession with her (or any other hillbilly) or the empty-headed offspring of famous people.

gina said...

I agree, Mike. She brought a lot of it on herself, but she's clearly not able to make good choices and people should back off.

Unfortunately, I think she and the papparazzi feed off of each other, in some sick symbiotic relationship, lol.

norm said...

I used to half joke that the press were trying hound her and push her to her death.

But, the other day I actually heard a bit of a thing on her where some tv person asked if Britney would likely die the way Princess Diana did.
I guess it's a valid question after seeing the clip you posted, but still... to speak so flippantly about her dying...

I think people are watching this like a movie and starting to, cold bloodedly (is that a word?), anticipate the next chapter as "The Tragic End of Britney Spears".

peeky said...

You make a good point, Norm. The press (and public) obsess over these women--well, mostly women--hounds them relentlessly and judges them and prints unflattering photos and stories and then tells us how nutty they are. Okay, but after all, people ARE going thru their trash and peeking in their windows and calling them names.

Once the subject, who like most of us is ill-equipped to handle the ridiculous onslaught, falls apart, then the press can be right again. "See?! She's crazy!" And if she dies a pathetic, premature death (Anna Nicole) the press can soberly remind people what a tragic waste it all was. It's creepy.