Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just So I Understand the Fox News Grading System...

Rudy Giuliani:

Failed to prepare city for terrorist attack

Caused the deaths of innumerable rescue workers through incompetence and dishonesty

In the two months following 9/11, spent more time at Yankee games than at Ground Zero

Abandoned "search for victims" as soon as gold reserve worth hundreds of millions of dollars was retrieved

Sent victims' remains to Fresh Kills landfill, later used some of the remains of our honored dead to fill potholes

Blew off 9/11 Commission meetings for paying gigs

Made millions as "anti-terrororist consultant"


Sean Penn:

Plunged chest-deep in contaminated water for days carrying Katrina victims to safety


1 comment:

norm said...

It's like something I heard on "Tyra" the other day

"People should not be judged by their actions"

(This was a response to stereotyping "gay" behavior, ....but I like it better applied to your Giuliana/Penn post)