Friday, November 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton Decries "Harsh Treatment" She Received at the Debate

Welcome to the majors, Mr. Hobbs.


BillFreiberger said...

Is that a reference to a book you read in Mr. Swenson's class?


norm said...

I hope this campaign ends more like the movie than the book.

Wasn't Redford also in a political movie called "The Best Man"?
I don't remember much about it , but I vaguely remember it being pretty good.

This post wasn't about movies though, was it?

If I remember right, it was about Halle Berry's cleavage....

Michael Markowitz said...

Bill, you have blown my mind. I love that movie so much that I was able to completely wipe my mind free of the horrid treatment it got back in A.P. As far as I was concerned, that book's name was (mala)Mud!

Now can someone please wipe my mind free of Feist on SNL last night? Please?

And Norm, you're thinking of The Candidate, maybe (IMHO) the best film about politics ever. And the movie that proves once and for all what an underrated, phenomenal actor Redford is.

By the by, even though I won't be writing any posts during the impending strike -- not required but out of respect -- I'll still be chatting here, and there will still be non-writing posts.

In other words, look for more posts like the Halle Berry one. YUM!

norm said...

Thanks for correcting my lazy-ass self that was too lame to go to IMDB and check on that movie title.

I hope the strike gets resolved soon and in the writers favor.

Is the deadline tonight at midnight?

(I suppose I can get that info on-line, now I'm just making conversation....)

Michael Markowitz said...

Yes, midnight. And thanks for the good wishes.

And I'm glad you checked here instead of IMDB... It gave me a chance to publicly proclaim my love for that movie!

gina said...

You have my best wishes for a speedy and favorable resolution to the strike, too, Mike.