Sunday, November 04, 2007

Is It Possible to Love an Appliance?

My Magic Bullet is jealous.

Until now, the miraculous Magic Bullet was the kitchen appliance I dug the most. But I now have a new love: my Rocket Grill

This thing turns frozen meat into delicious dinner in under ten minutes. Unattended. With no clean-up. AND with grill marks.

I may use my Magic Bullet more... but I marvel at my Rocket Grill and its seemingly magical powers.

It is so nice to buy something "off the TV" and come away happy. After having been burned on hot dog toasters and rotating pizza grills, and the King of all Crap, the Rotato. And don't even get me started on those potato gloves!

Which brings me to my next question: My hand is quivering over my credit card, ready to pounce on the Jack Lalanne Health Master 100 Blender/Juicer. Anyone out there have this thing? Is it a Rotato or a Magic Bullet?


Todd Carruth said...

I really wanted to buy the magic bullet but it looked too good to be true. Feel free to elaborate on your use of said appliance.

Michael Markowitz said...

Hmmmm, Todd... Your tone implies that you think I might be using the Magic Bullet in some kind of sick, self-gratification ritual. In which case, I like the way you think!

But in truth, I use the Bullet for strictly culinary pursuits. Is it a high quality food processor? No. But I don't often need one. If you have a serving or two of, say, a soup or beverage:

You mix it quick
Put it in the microwave
Screw on the "lip"to drink from
Then store leftovers

All in the same cup. Only one clean-up.

I use it to make omelettes, because you can just break the egg in there, and put in whatever else you like, and give it a quick 5 seconds blast. I also use it for dips, for pancake batter, and to mix tuna with mayo (no more fork-chopping).

Speaking of which, I'm a salad purist: whether it's chicken or tuna or seafood, a salad should have celery, salt and pepper. That's it. No relish or peppers or raisins or other crap. And it's hard to find plain salads, so I use the bullet to make my own, for instance, crab & shrimp salad.

And it came in handy for a friend of mine to make her own healthy baby food. She also uses it for pestos and sauces and so forth.

We also use it for guacamole, for soups, and also for single serving frozen drinks and smoothies. (though it does come with a big blender jug, but I've never used it.)

It's one of those things where you keep coming up with, "Oh yeah, I can just use the Bullet for this."